2013 Design Competition Winners

2013 LIHTC Design Competition

In conjunction with the competitive low income housing tax credit round, MFA conducts an independently juried design competition. Projects selected by the design competition jury are awarded additional Project Selection Criteria points in accordance with the 2013 Qualified Allocation Plan. While recognizing the good design cannot be boiled-down to checkbox selection criteria, the design competition jury considers each project’s site plan, building design, context and special design, floor plan design, and construction characteristics in their deliberations. In the end, the jury selects for recognition the projects that they believe demonstrates excellence in each of these areas. The projects listed below were recognized in the 2013 LIHTC round as the most outstanding project designs submitted.

1st Place Winner

Name: Andalusia

Location: Clovis

Developer: Tierra Realty Trust / Golden Spread Rural Frontier Coalition.

Architect: WAMO Studios

No. of Units: 60

Unit Mix: (1) Studio, (10) 1-Bedroom, (43) 2-Bedroom, (6) 3-Bedroom

Income Mix: 40% AMI, 50% AMI, and 60% AMI

Target Population(s): Families and Special Needs (5%)

Committee Comments:
The plans are intelligent, responsive to site, and quite functional. Landscaping features are appropriate and plentiful. Tree plantings are used to create a natural buffer between the housing, the street, and parking areas. The layout of the buildings on the site creates a nice balance between an orientation to the street and private courtyard spaces. The site plan makes good use of street parking and disburses parking throughout the site. The variety of building elevations and selection of materials are architecturally interesting while the integration of new with existing buildings reflects sensitivity to the urban nature of the site. The layout of the units offers functionality and comfort with the use of natural lighting and ventilation.

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2nd Place Winner

Name: Crosstown Station

Location: Las Cruces

Developer: Thomas Development Group (General Partners: Tierra del Sol Housing Corporation)

Architect: Workshop8

No. of Units:72

Unit Mix: (4) Studio, (30) 1-Bedroom, (28) 2-Bedroom, (10) 3-Bedroom

Income Mix: 30% AMI, 50% AMI, 60% AMI, and Market Rate

Target Population(s): Special Needs (25%)

Committee Comments:
The Crosstown Station concept presents a very welcome "urban" addition to a growing city in need of alternative living units. The project takes a former industrial area and helps transform it into a livable community with an eye toward the future. The material selection and linear design enhance the project’s architectural interest and mixes well with the industrial context of the site. The use of shading devises and recessed windows to reduce solar gain is both interesting and functional. The modulation of recessed entries increases unit privacy. The perimeter block strategy is a sound model for creating semi-private spaces within a higher density development. The landscaped central courtyard and surrounding perimeters is very appropriate for a hot, arid climate.

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3rd Place Winner

Name: Village in the Bosque

Location: Bernalillo

Developer: Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority

Architect: Autotroph

No. of Units:98

Unit Mix: (18) 1-Bedroom, (50) 2-Bedroom, (22) 3-Bedroom, (8) 4-Bedroom

Income Mix: 50% AMI, 60% AMI, and Market Rate

Target Population(s):Families and Special Needs (5%)

Committee Comments:
The design team for Village in the Bosque made the most of the existing site with their proposed enhancements both in terms of landscaping, outdoor amenities, connectivity to the surrounding areas and thoughtful addition of new buildings. The architectural enhancements blend well with the context. The addition of privacy walls, portals and a few stucco colors creates a good variety of form and light and shadow. The design team took full advantage of the unrealized walkability and access to internal and external open spaces at the existing site with greatly enhanced landscaping and the addition of many pedestrian pathways. The project has the potential to evolve into a delightful environment.

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