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NM Energy$mart Resources

NM Energy$mart Manuals

Administrative Manual 2018

Technical Standards 2017

Retrofitting New Mexico - Standard Work Specifications Field Guide for Single-Family Homes

Health and Safety Funding Amendment

Health and Safety Plan 2016-2017

Health and Safety Plan 2017-2018

Health and Safety Matrix-2016-2017

Health and Safety Matrix 2017-2018

NM Energy$mart State Plan—Annual File and Master File

Annual File 2016-2017

Annual File 2017-2018

Master File 2016-2017

Master File 2017-2018

NM Energy$mart Form Standards

Application Cover Letter

DWH Waiver

Explanation Notary form

Unemployed Notary form

Housing Services Directories

MFA's Housing Services Directory has listings for lenders, REALTORS, governmental agencies, property owners and managers and not-for-profit organizations.

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Request up to two copies of MFA's Housing Services Directory at no charge.

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Agencies that provide rent and utility assistance.

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Agencies that provide emergency shelter and assistance.

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All RFP Templates and Links

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Provide Proposal Management and Writing Services

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Income Limits

LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) Income and Rent Limits

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HOME Income Limits and Maximum Rents

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