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THE AAQ will open upon release of the NOFA.  The deadline to submit questions is Monday, November 30, 2020 at 2:00PM.  To submit your questions, scroll down to the “Ask a question” section, enter your name, email address, organization, and type your question in the “Question” box, enter 2 words in the CAPTCHA box and click “Send my question”.

Questions will be answered within 2 business days.

  1. What is the billing service costs?
    Within each program component (Rapid Re-housing and Homeless Prevention) there are 3 categories in which costs can be billed – Rental Assistance (rent and rental arrears), Financial Assistance (security deposits, application fees, utility deposits) and Services (time spend on housing search and placement and housing stability case management).  All other costs such as indirect salaries can be billed to admin if the agency has a cost allocation plan or methodology for determining how shared costs are charged.
  2. Is this NOFA only for currently funded programs/agencies?
    No.  Any Offeror who meets the minimum threshold requirements is eligible to apply.
  3. For new case managers, can they bill for time spent getting the word out?
    We are in the process of confirming this with HUD to confirm that this activity can be charged under the services category.  If we confirm that they cannot be charged, those costs could be charged to admin.  We will post the answer once we receive confirmation.
  4. Are there any inspection waivers similar to those in HOPWA?
    HUD has not waived this requirement however Habitability Inspection Standards can be conducted virtually.  For example, if a unit is unoccupied the property manager/owner could conduct the inspection via Facetime or other similar means.  If a unit is occupied, the client could potentially “show” the unit to the service provider in the same manner.  Service providers are allowed to charge the cost of a device that can be used by a client for these purposes assuming the client does not have access to the technology needed to conduct the virtual inspection.   ESG funds cannot be used for any reason unit the unit passes inspection.  HQS or other similar inspections are not necessary for ESG programs.
  5. Can they recreate the forms found on the MFA website?
    Yes.  The forms are not currently fillable but if an Offeror wishes to create a fillable form, they may do so.  If more space is needed to answer questions in the NOFA, it is acceptable to add more space to the answer area or attach another document.  MFA will work to either create fillable forms or add the forms in Word version instead to the website. 
  6. For agencies that have less money in their budget and do not have an audit can they use their financial statement?
    The financial statements must be audited financial statements per 2 CFR 200.
  7. How many case managers do you think we will need to administer this program?
    It would depend on the award, location, how many counties are served, etc.  If potential Offerors would like to speak with a current ESG HP & RR (RAP) service provider, please send an e-mail to and we will provide a contact.
  8. If my 2019 audit is delayed due to COVID, is it possible to submit my 2018 audit?
    Yes. If an Offeror does not have a completed 2019 audit due to COVID-19, it is acceptable to submit the audit for the prior year with the NOFA submission.  Offeror must include a letter from the auditor indicating that the audit is in progress with an estimated delivery date.  If Offeror is selected, the audit must be submitted to MFA upon receipt from the auditor
  9. Are the forms in the NOFA fillable?
    No, however we have provided the forms in Word version so you can fill the out electronically however this will alter the format.  Please refer to the link below the NOFA.
  10. I would like to know if anyone has an idea of any auditor to introduce for financial review.
    MFA does not provide auditor recommendations, however there is a list of approved auditors on the State Auditors website, Please refer to the NOFA guidelines which also states that audits must be conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (GAS). When selecting an auditor, Offeror should refer to the 2 CFR 200 regulations for federal funding.
  11. Is Bernalillo County listed among the counties that can apply for the funding?
    The NOFA is for counties that do not currently have ESG Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing funding. Currently there are 4 service providers that serve Bernalillo County therefore clients can be directed to those agencies for services.
  12. MFA has our most recent copy of our complete financial audit. Is it permissible to identify this in the grant application and put a copy of the two-page management report?
    Yes, if MFA already has the Offeror’s most recent audit, it is not necessary to submit another copy with the NOFA. A statement stating that MFA has the most recent audit and submission of the management report is sufficient.
  13. In regards to the NOFA due this week on Thursday, is it necessary to have a resolution from our board to apply? That might be the one challenge as they are not meeting soon. I could get one via email from our executive committee, maybe, or, perhaps the fact that we already receive ESG funds from MFA will be sufficient.
    It is acceptable to submit an e-mail from the executive committee if a resolution from the board of directors is unavailable due to the frequency of board meetings. If an Offeror is unable to get some type of statement by the submission deadline we recommend submitting the NOFA application without it, wait for a deficiency notification from MFA and submit the e-mail before the deficiency correction deadline of December 14.

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