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Program Year 2019/2020

State Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) RFP FAQ

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Questions will be answered on a regular basis. The FAQ will open the day after the RFP is issued and will close two days prior to the RFP due date.  To submit questions, scroll down to the “Ask a Question” section, enter your name, email address, type your question in the “Question” box, enter the two words in the CAPTCHA box and click on “Send my question”.  MFA will make every attempt to answer questions within two business days.



Q:  How many agencies will be awarded?
A:  MFA will award up to three qualified offerors for the combined NSP1 and NSP3 funds.


Q:  Will our agency’s previous fiscal year financials meet MFA’s minimum qualification for this proposal submission?
A:  MFA will accept the most recent completed audited financial statements; FY 2017-2018


Q:  Why is Rio Arriba County not included in the NSP1 and NSP3 Approved Geographic Areas?
A:  The funds available in this RFP are the result of City of Albuquerque (“COA”) Program Income.  Per NSP guidelines the program income must be expended to the original geographic areas.  If additional areas of “greatest need” are identified, and there are un-obligated NSP funds available for redistribution, MFA may proceed to use those funds in the additional identified areas for eligible projects.  NM Department of Finance and Administration must review and approve the new areas of “greatest need” prior to MFA redistributing funds.


Q:  What is the re-sale price limit after rehabilitation?
A:  The purchase price of a home may not exceed two hundred thirty-seven thousand, thirty-one dollars ($237,031) for all counties.

Q:  Can an eligible housing authority apply for funding to rehabilitate homes in a single area (e.g., Native American Reservation) or must eligible applicants serve multiple communities?
A:  Yes, as long as the property is located in the approved geographic areas identified in the RFP.  Eligible offerors are not required to serve multiple communities.

Q:  Does this RFP include the opportunity to acquire and rehab multifamily properties? If so, would there be a cap on the purchase price and rehabilitation?
A:  Yes, multifamily properties are eligible under NSP. As long as NSP guidelines are met, there are no caps, however; the agency will be capped at the total award to the agency.

Q:  What is the timeline for completion from purchase to sale?
A:  MFA will execute eighteen-month contracts with selected service providers, the project must be completed within the contract period.

Q:  Can Lead Based Paint activities come out of project cost or is there a separate grant we can charge these activities to?
A:  Yes, lead based paint activities are allowable expenses under project cost.

Q:  The RFP states soft cost will be a flat fee of $1,000 (at MFA’s discretion, additional soft cost may be evaluated for reimbursement). How will this be determined?
A:  MFA will follow NSP Cost reasonableness and eligibility guidelines (OMB circulars and regulations A-87) Additional soft costs may include market study, permits, architectural, builder’s general requirements or overhead, fees, etc.

Q:  If purchasing multifamily and rehabilitating, are we allowed to keep it in our portfolio? Or would it need to be sold?
A:  Under this State NSP RFP, an agency can sell or rent the property after rehabilitation.  For structures with three or more units, 51% of the units must be occupied by low, moderate, middle income (LMMI) households.

Q:  When filling out the application page, pg24; How do we break down the funding amount requested?  Would a break down like this suffice:  Example:  NSP1: $XXXXX and NSP3: $XXXXX, = $XXXXX?
A:  Yes, the example breakdown listed above is acceptable.

Q:  The financial audit is 600+ pages.  There is a copy on file at MFA already.  Do we need to submit 6 copies of it or will one electronic copy suffice?
A:  RFP Section 2.3 – Proposal Format:  Offeror(s) must submit one copy of the most recent agency financial audit or a letter from MFA indicating that we have already received and approved your audit.

Q:  Is there a fillable version of the forms available?
A:  Yes, you can access the fillable forms at on the NSP RFP page


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