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Revised Acquisition Cost Limits


TO:Participating Lenders

FROM:Erik Nore, Director of Homeownership

DATE:June 19, 2015

RE:Memo No. 15-21

Revised Acquisition Cost Limits

  • Mortgage$aver/Mortgage Booster Programs
  • HERO Program

Revised Acquisition Cost Limits:      

Effective with loans reserved on June 22, 2015, MFA is revising the Acquisition Cost Limits for the single family program.

The revised Acquisition Cost Limits for the Mortgage$aver, Mortgage$aver Zero, Mortgage$aver Plus, HERO and Mortgage Booster programs are as follows:

Geographic Area Acquisition Cost Limit
Los Alamos County $363,293
Santa Fe County $351,220
Taos County $273,293
All other Areas of the State $258,691
All Targeted Census Tracts Within the State $316,177


Please feel free to contact MFA’s Homeownership Department with any questions or for further clarification.

Thank you for participating in MFA’s single family program.