Notification of Open Registration for the 2024 QAP Training

MFA is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2024 State of New Mexico Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) training to be held on Thursday, October 26, 2023 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. via WebEx.

This workshop is a requirement for the submission of a Low Income Housing Tax Credit application. A representative of the development team (board member, officer, director, commissioner or staff) must attend this 2024 QAP Training in its entirety.  If the development team includes a qualified, nonprofit organization, NMHA, TDHE or THA that wishes to claim points under Scoring Criterion 1, a member of that organization (board member, officer, director, commissioner or staff) must attend this 2024 QAP Training.

Topics covered will include application standards and scoring, common application errors and changes to the QAP.

Please click here to register. Attendance will be recorded. Attendees who join the webinar by 1:00 pm, attend the entire training and answer all polling questions during the training will receive a certificate of attendance to insert into an application for 9% LIHTC.

Please register and log on with your full name, to ensure an accurate reflection of attendance. Participants must join via the link with a computer or through the Webex application to receive a certificate. Unfortunately Webex does not track the identity of participants who dial in via telephone, so we are not able to provide a certificate of attendance if your identity is not tracked.

2024 QAP Training Registration - Webex

For additional information, contact Jeanne Redondo by phone at 505.767.2210 or by e-mail at jredondo@housingnm.org.