Mortgage Servicing Legal Services RFQ

Document: Mortgage Servicing Legal Services RFQ.pdf


Mortgage Servicing Legal Services - Request for Qualifications (RFQ):

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit Qualifications, in accordance with New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority Procurement Policy, from qualified law firms, by reason of their skill, knowledge, and experience, are able to furnish mortgage servicing legal services to MFA (Offerors).

Qualification Submission:

Qualification submissions must be received no later than October 20, 2023, at 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time. Qualifications which are not received by this time will not be accepted.

Utilize one of the following methods for qualification submission:

Via E-mail:
     Send to tlloyd@housingnm.org and shagins@housingnm.org with a subject line of “Qualification to Furnish Mortgage Servicing Legal Services.” This is the preferred method and hard copies are not required.

Via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or other courier delivery:
     Deliver the original and six (6) copies of the qualification to MFA’s office located at 344 Fourth Street S.W., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102. Qualifications shall be in sealed envelopes marked “Qualification to Furnish Mortgage Servicing Legal Services.”

Qualification Tenure:

All Qualifications shall include a statement that the Qualification shall be valid until contract award, but no more than ninety (90) calendar days from the Qualification due date.

RFQ Revisions and Supplements:

If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFQ, or if additional information is necessary to clarify any provision of this RFQ, the revision or additional information will be posted on the MFA web site.

Incurred Expenses:

MFA shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by an Offeror in responding to this RFQ.  All costs incurred by the Offerors in the preparation, transmittal or presentation of any qualification or material submitted in response to this RFQ will be borne solely by the Offerors.

Cancellation of Requests for Qualifications or Rejection of Qualifications:

MFA may cancel this RFQ at any time for any for any reason and MFA may reject all qualifications (or any Qualification) which are/is not responsive.

Offeror’s Rights to Withdraw Qualification:

Offerors will be allowed to withdraw their qualifications by submitting a written withdrawal request addressed to:

     Teresa Lloyd, Director of Servicing
     New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
     344 Fourth Street S.W.
     Albuquerque, NM 87102


     tlloyd@housingnm.org , shagins@housingnm.org


Questions pertaining to this RFQ must be submitted via MFA’s website. To submit your questions, scroll down to the “Ask a question” section, enter your name, email address, and type your question in the “Question” box. MFA will make every attempt to post response to questions within two business days of submission.

*Note: Questions may not be asked outside of this format in order for all applicants to have equal opportunity to obtain information.