Homeowner Assistance Fund Programs

Program Details 

The New Mexico Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) program will provide housing grants to income-eligible households experiencing financial hardship associated with the COVID-19 health crisis.

These grants are to fund mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance up to $20,000 per household, to maintain housing and/or to reduce housing cost delinquency.

New Mexico homeowners can apply for (1) home loan reinstatement, (2) payment assistance for households receiving unemployment benefits and (3) assistance for homeownership insurance costs and delinquent property taxes.

If your household has received assistance from an MFA program in the past, you are still eligible to apply for HAF funds. Applicants still experiencing hardship that did not receive the household maximum of $20,000 on their initial request during the HAF Pilot Program (May 18, 2021 – August 16, 2021) are eligible to reapply for the difference. Eligibility to apply for additional assistance does not guarantee approval. Requests are processed in the order received.   Requests are funded in the order received depending on the availability of funding.

Reinstatement Assistance

The Homeownership Loan Reinstatement and Loss Mitigation Program will provide up to $20,000 per household to eliminate past due payments including payments in forbearance. The program can also assist homeowners achieve housing cost affordability through principal reduction or post-loss mitigation lien extinguishment.

Monthly Assistance

The monthly assistance program is available for households where one or more homeowners are currently receiving unemployment benefits and will fund past due payments or monthly payments up to $20,000 per household.

Taxes and Insurance Assistance

This program will assist homeowners who need help paying delinquent property taxes or property insurance. Funds can be used to pay up to three years of delinquent taxes, fund reverse mortgage escrow shortages and fund taxes and/or insurance due up to 90 days after applying.

Do I Qualify?

Qualifications vary by the type of assistance requested.  

General eligibility requires that homeowners

  1. Attest that they experienced a financial hardship after January 21, 2020 associated with the COVID-19 pandemic,
  2. Provide income documentation and have incomes equal to or less than 150% of the area median income or 100% of the median income for the United States, whichever is greater, and
  3. Currently own and occupy a primary residence in New Mexico.
  4. Your original loan balance must not exceed $417,000, or the conforming loan limit in place at the time your loan was originated.

How Do I Apply?

The Homeowner Assistance Fund is temporarily on hold and not accepting new applications. The anticipated reopening date is May 23, 2022, but is subject to change. Please check back on our website for updated information. If you would like to receive a notification when the program is available, please submit your information in the contact form below. If you have an application pending and would like to complete it, please do so no later than May 15, 2022.

All access to applications will be temporarily closed as of May 16, 2022. Please contact us at 505.308.4206 for assistance.

  • Read the FAQs for detailed information 
  • Gather required documentation 
  • Complete the prescreening questions 
  • Start an application. You can quit and resume during the application process if needed.  

Contact Us

If you have additional questions, e-mail us below or call 505.308.4206 or 866.488.0498

If you are renter seeking assistance for rent or utilities, visit www.renthelpnm.org

If you are a homeowner seeking assistance for utilities, visit www.renthelpnm.org/homeowner-utility-assistance

If you live on tribal lands and need rental or utility assistance, contact your tribal government or tribally designated housing entity. 

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