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Voucher Processing

Voucher Submission and Processing

MFA is committed to providing you with timely voucher payments to properties and supporting you in the submission process. In order to receive your monthly subsidy payment, you are required by HUD to submit a monthly subsidy billing to MFA by a voucher, (HUD Form 52670 and HUD Form 52670-a, Part 1.) HUD requires that you submit an electronic version of the voucher (MAT 30) and supporting 50059 tenant data (iMAX submission.) HUD guidelines also require that a complete voucher be submitted to us by the 10th of the month prior to payment in order to receive funding on the first business day of the month. Vouchers submitted after the deadline risk late payment. We are not able to process vouchers until the electronic voucher (iMAX submission) and supporting 50059 tenant data are received and reviewed for accuracy and eligibility. A monthly voucher submission is required even when you are not requesting any assistance for the billing month.

Special Claims for Vacancy Loss and Unpaid Rent & Damages

HUD recognizes owners of affordable housing have a potential financial risk because of the limitation on security deposits they are permitted to require and the need to adhere to waiting list requirements when vacancies occur. Therefore, owners may be reimbursed for some of their financial loss through the special claims process. MFA adheres to the requirements of the current HUD-4350.3 Special Claims Processing Guide and HUD FAQs when processing claims. Links to these resources are provided below.

There are two types of special claims:

  • Vacancy losses after rent-up is compensation to the property owner for the loss of rental income of a unit that was previously occupied by an assisted tenant when the unit has been vacant for circumstances beyond the owner’s control.
  • A special claim for unpaid rent and tenant damages is reimbursement to a property owner for a former resident’s failure to pay monthly rent or other charges or for damages caused by the negligence or abuse of the former resident.

If you are considering special claims submissions for the first time, we want to help ensure your success and help you better manage your time by providing guidance with your initial submission. Please keep in mind the preparation and transmission of a special claims can be time consuming and includes a minimal cost for mailing. In some cases, there is no net gain in special claims processing when these factors are considered. Please contact us so we can help you make the right decisions about special claims.