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HUD Project Based Section 8

Since 2001, MFA has served as HUD’s Performance-Based Section 8 Contract Administrator, ensuring that a property owner’s Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contracts with HUD are securely and accurately administered. Our Section 8 portfolio comprises 88 properties with a total of 5,203 units.

Contract Renewals

The section below provides valuable information regarding the renewal of HAP contracts and utility allowance analysis. It also provides access to useful links to HUD’s website resources.

Voucher Processing

The section below provides valuable information regarding HAP voucher processing, and special claims. It also provides access to useful links to HUD’s website resources. 

Rent Adjustments

The section below provides HUD Notices and valuable information to regarding Rental Adjustment.

Management Reviews

Monitoring project operations is required to ensure HUD’s multifamily housing programs are administered as intended. Contract Administrators (CA) primary responsibility is to assess management and oversight of multifamily housing projects by identifying deficiencies to eliminate fraud, waste, and mismanagement. Below are several valuable resources to assist in preparing for an MOR. 

Rent Adjustments

AAF Adjustment 

HUD Notice 95-12 - Annual Adjustment Factor (AAF)

HUD Notice 95-92 - AAF an extension of 95-12

HUD Notice 97-03 - Fiscal Year 1997-AAF

HUD Notice 98-03 - Fiscal Year 1998 AAF

HUD Notice 98-31 - Fiscal Year 1998 AAF--Update of 98-03

HUD Notice 99-17 - Fiscal Year 1999 AAF--Extension of 98-03

HUD Notice 99-18 - Reinstatement and Extension of 97-14

HUD Form 92273 - Estimate of Market Rent by Comparison - Comparability Worksheet

HUD Notice H 2002-10 - AAF for Fiscal Year 2002

Federal Register AAF - Adjustment Table

HUD Notice 00-12 - Procedures for preparing, submitting, and reviewing rent comparability Studies by State Certified Appraiser