Affordable Rental Properties

Apartment homes and rental properties are called “affordable” when residents are required to meet certain income criteria in order to live at the property and when rental rates are set at or below the average rate for similar properties in the area. Income criteria and rental rate guidelines are updated each year by the federal government for each county in New Mexico.

The properties listed below are owned and managed by a variety of entities that include housing authorities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and private owners. MFA does not own or manage any affordable rental properties in New Mexico.

To apply for residency at an affordable rental property:

  • Call or visit the property.
  • Ask about income qualification, rental rates and availability.
  • Request and complete an application. Ask if the application will be reviewed right away or if your application will be added to a waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to income requirements, each property will have additional criteria that must be met by potential residents. Information about the number of persons in the household, credit history, rental history and a background check will be required. Additional qualifying information may be required for specific properties.

Search for affordable rental properties by city:

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