Affordable Housing Plans and Ordinances

Before a local government may make an affordable housing donation, it must have an MFA-approved Affordable Housing Plan and Ordinance. Affordable Housing Plans may be included within an entity’s comprehensive plan or be stand-alone documents. Multiple entities, both county and municipality, may develop a joint plan so long as data and recommendations are sufficiently disaggregated to address each entities’ unique needs.

MFA reviews plans and ordinances to ensure that the documents have all the elements that the Act requires. Further, plans must be adopted, and ordinances must be passed by an entity’s governing body to be considered valid.

See below for a list of local governments that have MFA-approved plans and ordinances:

During the drafting phase of an affordable housing plan or ordinance, MFA is available to provide AHA compliance related feedback. Either or both these documents may be emailed to MFA’s Community Relations Manager (Daniel Macy, dmacy@housingnm.org). The Community Relations Manager will provide notes on any deficiencies using a checklist that includes all the required components of a plan or ordinance.

Click here to see examples of MFA-approved plans and ordinances.