The Housing New Mexico Advisory Committee and Statewide Housing Strategy

About the Advisory Committee

The Housing New Mexico Advisory Committee was established in the fall of 2021 with the purpose of fostering collaboration, problem solving, and breaking down the complexities of the housing market. The group aims to coalesce around housing priorities for New Mexico as well as provide policy guidance. Success is defined by achieving a common source of communication to housing partners and residents about goals and intentions and by crafting practical solutions to address housing needs.

Leaders from across the housing spectrum comprise the Advisory Committee. Current membership includes:

Hank Hughes NM Coalition to End Homelessness
Nicole Martinez Mesilla Valley Community of Hope
Linda Bridge Ntnl. Association of Housing Redevelopment Officers
Steve Grant NM Apartment Association
Isaac Perez San Felipe Pueblo
Chris Baca Yes Housing
Jeff Curry JL Grey
Jack Milarch NM Home Builders Association
Alan Fowler NM Mortgage Bankers Association
Steve Anaya NM Association of Realtors
Mike Loftin Homewise
Mark Duran NM Manufacturerd Housing Association
Greta Armijo Jemez Pueblo
Lisa Huval City of Albuquerque
Natalie Green City of Las Cruces
Alexandra Ladd City of Santa Fe
Priscilla Lucero Southwestern NM Council of Governments
Dr. Neil Bowen NM Human Services Department
Donnie Quintana NM Department of Finance and Administration

Statewide Housing Strategy

The purpose of the Housing Strategy is to develop a plan that will serve as a uniform advocacy tool for addressing the spectrum of housing needs in New Mexico. The document will be used by policymakers, local and state governments, advocates, and housing professionals to craft policies and programs to respond to housing needs. The Housing New Mexico Advisory Committee is guiding the strategy development.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Stakeholder and community engagement will occur throughout Housing Strategy development and consist of:

Content expert focus groups: virtual focus groups scheduled with practitioners representing persons experiencing or vulnerable to homelessness; affordable and mixed income rental developers; rental property managers; market rate rental developers; mobile and manufactured home park owners and developers; residential mortgage lenders; homebuilders; rehabilitation and weatherization organizations; tribal leaders and housing departments; affordable housing advocates; and local governments. These groups’ discussions and recommended solutions will be presented to the Advisory Committee during 2022 meetings.

In-depth interviews: as needed, conduct interviews with experts in the area to help focus policy, regulatory and data analysis.

Resident survey: collects primary data on residents’ needs and be fielded through community navigators, units of local governments, and advocacy and trade organizations. Analysis of the data will be by geographic area and demographic groups. The survey runs from December 2021 through January 2022, with analysis occurring in February. Learn more about or partipate in the survey here.

Regional public meetings: six meetings in designated geographic areas roll out the strategic plan.

Strategy Development

Included in the resulting and final Strategic Housing Plan:

  • Policies and programs that address current and future multifamily and single-family housing production needs;
  • Unit production targets with financing cost estimates;
  • Polices and programs to increase housing security among renters and homeowners, including in rural and tribal areas;
  • Recommendations of what partnerships could be forged or strengthened;
  • Recommendations for growing affordable housing resources;
  • Determination of what can be accomplished with the funding currently available in the state; and
  • Best practices in housing strategies currently implemented in other areas of the country.