As part of the development of the New Mexico Housing Strategy, MFA launched a resident survey. It explores residents’ current housing situations, housing and affordability challenges, and housing preferences. MFA and Root Policy Research1, who designed and analyzed the survey, are grateful to the residents who shared their experiences and perspectives by participating in this survey. 

The resident survey was available online, in both English and Spanish, and promoted by MFA and its networks. A total of 1,398 New Mexico residents participated.

Access Resident Survey Results and Analysis here.

Resident Survey Results data displayed as inforgraphic

The survey respondents do not represent a random sample of the state or regions’ population. A true random sample is a sample in which each individual in the population has an equal chance of being selected for the survey. The partnership model used to promote the survey prevents the collection of a true random sample. Important insights and themes can still be gained from the survey results, however, with an understanding of the differences among resident groups and the state overall. Overall, the data provide a rich source of information about the state’s households and their housing needs in the communities where they live.