Request for Proposals To Provide Construction Services


RFP Details

See update to Sequence of Selection Process Events on page four of this RFP


The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (“MFA” and/or “Owner”) is a governmental instrumentality, separate and apart from the state, created by the Mortgage Finance Authority Act, NMSA Sections 58-18-1 to 27 for the purpose of financing affordable housing for low- and moderate-income New Mexico residents.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals, in accordance with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority Procurement Policy, from qualified general contractors by reason of their skill, knowledge, and experience that are able to furnish construction services to MFA (“Offerors”) to renovate MFA’s new headquarters located at 7425 Jefferson St. NE, 87109. 

Project Description

This project is an interior renovation of the 2-story, ±44,978 square feet REDW Building at 7425 Jefferson Street NE. There is no change of occupancy associated with this project. The renovation is considered a Level 3 Alteration based on the International Existing Building Code. Currently, a majority of the building is unoccupied, except as noted below.

The renovated building will house new private offices, new open office areas, new conference rooms, a new Board Room on the second floor and new support spaces. New metal stud partitions, ceilings, finishes, painting, wallcovering, casework, doors, manual and automatic blinds, plumbing fixtures, power distribution, interior lighting, and modifications to the existing HVAC systems, fire suppression system and fire alarm will be required to complete the renovation. Currently there are two areas that are considered ‘shell’ spaces. These areas are to be improved, with new partitions, ceilings, finishes, HVAC equipment, lighting and power distribution. No work to the building envelope or site is anticipated.

All flooring, with the exception of the porcelain tile in the lobby and the restrooms, and those areas designed as ‘No Work,’ is to be removed and replaced with new carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile with wall base.

The majority of the interior doors will remain in place. It is the intent to relocate existing doors and frames to new locations. Door hardware may require modifications for the Owner’s new access control system.

The majority of the suspended acoustical ceilings throughout the building will remain ‘as-is’ with modifications needed to accommodate the new layout. New gyp. board ‘beams’ and decorative wood ceilings will be installed in the new conference rooms and Board Room.

The majority of the existing lighting is to be removed and replaced ‘in kind’ with LED fixtures throughout. New decorative and specialty lights will be installed in the lobby, new conference rooms and Board Room.

The restrooms will remain ‘as-is’ with the exception of new solid surface countertops, sinks, trim, and new vanity lighting. There is no change to the flooring, ceilings, toilet partitions or other plumbing fixtures.

All new and existing gyp. board walls and ceilings, with the exception of those areas designed as ‘No Work,’ are to be repainted.

The current lobby stair and second floor railing system are to remain ‘as-is’ and are to be protected during construction.

Installation of the phone, data, IT, and audio and visual systems.

Reconfiguration of the current modular office furniture and removal of the modular wall systems will be the responsibility of the Owner. The Offeror will be required to coordinate with the Owner’s vendor to maintain the construction schedule.

Concurrently, the Owner is soliciting bids from separate contractors for a reroof of the building. The Offeror will be required to coordinate new roof penetrations with the Owner’s vendor to maintain the construction schedule.

Finally, a separate tenant currently occupies ±8,000sf on the west side of the second floor. This tenant, also, has use of the building lobby, the restrooms and a breakroom on the second floor outside their space. During construction, the Offeror must ensure these spaces remain operational for the tenant’s employees and guests at all times. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems in these areas shall remain in working order throughout construction. The Offeror must provide a schedule for work in these areas as the Owner will coordinate appropriately with the tenant. The schedule for work in these areas will be determined with the Owner and tenant. Other than these areas, the Offeror will have full access to the building during construction.

Contact Person:

Proposal Documents (RFP, construction drawings, & specifications) may be obtained from the Design Professional of Record as follows:

Design Professional of Record:
Mullen Heller Architecture, P.C.
Douglas Heller, AIA

1718 Central Avenue SW, Suite D
Albuquerque, NM 87104


Email: doug@mullenheller.com

Proposal Submission and Due Date:

The original and three (3) copies of a proposal must be received by MFA at its office, located at 344 Fourth Street S.W., Albuquerque, NM 87102, by no later than Thursday, August 10, 2023, at 2:00 p.m., Mountain Time.  Proposals shall be in sealed envelopes marked “Response to RFP to Provide Construction Services.”

Bid Proposals are to be submitted on the forms provided with the Bid Proposal documents (Bid Form, Construction Drawings, and Project Manual) (see "Part V: Proposal Format and Instructions to Offeror" ). Fill in all required blanks legibly, in ink or by typewriter. Any alteration must be initialed by the individual signing the Bid Proposal. Sums shall be expressed in both words and figures. In the event of a discrepancy between the two, the words will govern. Bid Proposals shall be signed with the name and title/position of the person or persons authorized to bind the Offeror to a contract. 

Bid Proposals in which acceptance is in some manner restricted or conditioned by the Offeror will be reviewed by the Owner. If the limitations imposed are not in the best interest of Owner or are prejudicial to other Offerors, the Bid Proposal will be rejected.

Bid Proposals received after the time and date established will not be accepted and shall be returned unopened.