RFQ for Architectural Services

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to invite the submittal of qualification statements, in accordance with MFA Procurement Policy, from highly qualified, capable persons or firms, who by reason of their skill, knowledge, and experience are able to furnish MFA with architectural and engineering design services and administration of general contractor (Offeror) the following:

  • Space needs assessment
  • Design new location to meet MFA needs
  • Develop design for scope of work for contractor
  • Work with and oversee contractor work
  • Review and approve contractor invoices before submitted to MFA for payment
  • Contract close out with contractor

RFQ Documents

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority Request for Qualifications: Architectural Services


Question 1:

Please confirm that hourly rates for each team member are all that is required, and not an estimation of total hours for the duration of the project?


Per the RFQ, Fee basis should be an all-inclusive, hourly fee, which should include staff time and “out-of-pocket expenses.”  Offeror must provide an hourly fee breakdown for each staff position it would propose to use and/or make available to MFA for use as needed. Provide examples of similar, previous projects and their costs based on light, moderate and heavy renovations. Offeror must also state in their submission how long the Offeror can hold the all-inclusive hourly fee rates with the minimum amount of time being two years from the date of proposal and should address how increases will be negotiated.  If selected, engagement letters with Offeror must reflect the all-inclusive, hourly fee rates proposed.

  • An estimation of total hours for the duration of the project is not required in the RFQ.  However, provide examples of similar, previous projects and their costs based on light, moderate and heavy renovations.

Question 2:

Does MFA have an estimated timeline or schedule goals for selection, contract negotiations, and ultimately when the project will start?


It is the intent of MFA to select an Offeror by the end of September provided that interviews with top Offerors can be promptly scheduled. Once an Offeror has been selected, MFA would commence immediately into contract negotiations and would like to begin the project as soon as possible in October.

Question 3:

Proposal submission: Indicates the original is to be delivered in a sealed envelope. What is the mailing and/or drop-off address for the original/physical submittal?


New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority

c/o Julie Halbig

344 Fourth Street, SW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Please leave at reception desk through main doors.

Question 4:

Are there any formatting restrictions to the proposal such as page size, font size, number of pages, 3-ring binder vs coil bound, etc.?


No formatting restrictions

Question 5:

For a point of reference when understanding the scale of the scope, what is the current quantity of employees and is it expected to grow further? Does MFA have a general building square footage range in mind or an overall project cost?


MFA currently has 122 employees and is expected to continue growing.  Potentially, MFA see growing up to 150 employees.  At this time, MFA anticipates needing between 30K to 400K in square footage and does not have an project cost in mind.

Question 6:

Item 7.1 in the RFQ indicates to "ensure that a performance bond is secured in the amount equal to the agreed upon contract price". Please confirm this requirement for architectural/engineering services, as this is usually reserved for construction services (and there is not yet an agreed upon contract price). Generally, we have/provide Professional E&O and Liability Insurance.


This requirement is to ensure that a performance bond is in place for the project. The Architect/Engineer is not required to obtain the bond, just ensure that it is obtained by the contractor.