RFP To Provide External Audit Services


The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (“MFA”) is a governmental instrumentality, separate and apart from the state, created by the Mortgage Finance Authority Act, N.M. Stat. Ann. Sections 58-18-1, et seq. (1978) for the purpose of financing affordable housing for low- and moderate-income New Mexico residents.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals, in accordance with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority Procurement Policy, from qualified firms which by reason of their skill, knowledge, and experience are able to furnish External Audit Services to MFA (“Offerors”).

Questions and Answers

Questions pertaining to this RFP and application must be submitted via the MFA website at https://housingnm.org/rfps/rfps-rfqs. Then select “External Audit Services.” On the External Audit Services RFP page, select the “External Audit Services FAQs” link. Questions will be checked on a daily basis. The FAQ will open the day after the RFP issues and will close on May 4, 2023. To submit your questions, scroll down to the “Ask a question” section, enter your name, email address, organization, and type your question in the “Question” box and click on “Send my question”. MFA will make every attempt to answer questions within two (2) business days.

Proposal Submission

Proposal submissions must be received no later than May 12, 2023, at 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time. Proposals which are not received by this time will not be accepted.'

Send to ysegovia@housingnm.org with a subject line of “Proposal to Furnish External Audit Services.” This is the preferred method and hard copies are not required.

Proposal Tenure

All proposals shall include a statement that the proposal shall be valid until contract award, but no more than ninety (90) calendar days from the proposal due date.

Full Details for RFP For External Audit Services Can be found here RFP External Audit 2023 Final

Timeline for Offeror Selection

The MFA will make every effort to adhere to the following anticipated schedule for recommended Offeror selection:

4/19/23 RFP goes to Board of Directors for approval MFA
4/20/23 Issuance of RFP MFA
4/26/23 RFP Offerors Conference MFA
5/4/23 RFP FAQ closes – deadline to submit questions Offerors
5/12/23 Submission of Proposals Due Offerors
6/21/23 Award Recommendation to Board of Directors MFA
6/21/23 Notification of Awards MFA
6/28/23 Protest Deadline Offerors


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RFP External Audit 2023 Final