First-Time Homeowner Spotlight:  Andrea Pollock


Calm. Ease. Relief. These are the things Andrea Pollock brings to people every day in her work as a massage therapist. And that, she says, is what becoming a homeowner did for her.

“Buying a home gave me a huge ability to breathe and have peace of mind, Andrea said. “I’m so amazed at how different it feels in the pit of my stomach.”

As a small business owner, Andrea’s income fluctuates, making it harder for her to get a mortgage loan. In addition, Andrea wanted to purchase the mobile home she and her son were renting on the outskirts of Las Cruces, which limited her financing options even more.

Fortunately, Andrea found an MFA-approved loan officer who knew exactly how to help. Not only was Andrea able to get a mortgage loan through MFA, but she also took advantage of MFA’s down payment assistance programs.

Andrea says that her new home is perfect for her adult son, who is disabled. “Our home has given him the opportunity to feel like he can move forward, because he has a place of stability. There is a feeling of being rooted – like we belong.”