Become an MFA-approved Lender

Thank you for your interest in becoming an eligible lender under MFA’s Single Family Mortgage Program. You will need the following items:

Please review the eligibility criteria prior to submission of your application to MFA. While there is no in-state change requirement, MFA does require that your institution has at least one office in the state of New Mexico. MFA approval of an eligible lender does not obligate a lender to deliver or sell mortgage loans to MFA under the program.

Please complete the application in the link above and return to MFA, along with all required attachments. Your application will be reviewed internally, which takes approximately 60 days; provided that all requested documentation has been provided to MFA.  We will then mail a notice of approval or notice of denial. If approved, we will send two copies of our master agreement for your signature. Approved lenders will be subject to periodic review and a recertification process based on production volume with MFA. The recertification date will be relayed to the approved lender by their assigned Homeownership Representative and is determined by the Secondary Market Department.

Upon approval, please contact MFA's master servicer to complete a Loan Purchase Agreement (LPA). This agreement must be completed prior to participating in our programs. Our current master servicer is: Idaho Housing and Finance Association, Mark Suderman at 208.331.4870 or 855.505.4700.

MFA offers regular lending trainings and communicates regularly via email regarding program changes and other program updates. You can also check our web site calender for training times. MFA staff are available to answer any questions you may regarding the application process. You can reach the Homeownership Department at 505.843.6881.