Approved Appraisal Firms

RFQ for Appraisers 

Appraisers who wish to be placed on the MFA Housing Development Department's approved list should download the RFQ for Appraisers to apply. All appraisals must be signed by a MAI and be a New Mexico licensed appraiser.

If you are interested in becoming an MFA-approved appraiser, please contact us

Current List of MFA Approved Appraisers 

Jay A. Wortmann, MAI
Kinetic Valuation Group
11060 Oak St., Suite 6
Omaha, NE 68144
E-mail: jay@kvgteam.com

Connor Marshall, MAI
Colliers International Valuation & Advisory Services, LLC
5051 Journal Center Blvd., NE, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87109
E-mail: Conner.Marshall@colliers.com

Bruce Gunderson, MAI
Brooks, Pearsall, Zantow LLC
7000 Prospect Place NE, Suite B
Albuquerque, NM 87110
E-mail: brucegundeson@me.com

Rachel Barnes Denton, MAI and Partner
Novogradac & Company, LLP
6700 Antioch Road, Suite 450
Merriam, KS 66204
E-mail: Rachel.Denton@novoco.com

Cash Gill, VP & MAI
Gill Group, Inc.
Contact person: Jana Jones jana.jones@gillgroup.com
PO Box 784
Dexter, MO 63841
Office 800.428.3320 Fax 877.624-.942
E-mail: cash.gill@gillgroup.com

Karen I. Mundy, MAI
Mundy Appraisal Services
Contact person: Karen I. Mundy, MAI
456 N. Alameda Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Voice 575.527.9260 Cell 575.644.4117 Fax 888.439.4897
E-mail: mundy@zianet.com

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