Error Resolution Process

If at any time you question the accuracy of your account, MFA will help you resolve the issue in accordance with our policy and the federally-mandated process. First, you, the borrower, or your agent must submit a qualified written request (QWR). A QWR is any written correspondence, other than notice on a payment coupon or other payment medium supplied by MFA, that:

  • Includes or otherwise enables MFA to identify the name and/or the account number of the borrower
  • Includes a statement of the reasons the borrower believes the account is in error or provides sufficient detail to MFA regarding other information sought by the borrower

MFA is not required by regulation to respond to any request that is received more than one year after the loan servicing was transferred to another servicer or paid in full. However, if information is available, MFA may choose to respond to the request.

Response to Inquiries

MFA will provide a written response acknowledging receipt of a QWR related to the servicing of a MFA loan within 20 business days (excluding legal public holidays and weekends). In cases where the inquiry is resolved within 20 business days, a written response will be delivered to the borrower(s). The written response will take the place of a written acknowledgment of receipt of the inquiry.

Action Regarding Inquiries

After receiving a QWR, MFA will take appropriate action on the request within 60 business days. MFA will document all actions taken in response to the borrower’s request and will keep the documentation in a file for five years after the date of the inquiry.

Documentation will include the following:

  • Any corrections made to the borrower’s loan -- including the crediting of any late charges or penalties -- and a written notification of such correction given to the borrower
  • A written explanation or clarification of the results of MFA’s investigation provided to the borrower that details the following:
  • To the extent applicable, a statement of the reasons MFA believes the borrower’s loan is correct
  • Information requested by the borrower or an explanation of why the information requested is unavailable or cannot be obtained by MFA
  • Direct contact information to include name and phone number of the MFA staff responding to the QWR

Adverse Information

During the 60-day period beginning on the date of MFA’s receipt from any borrower of a QWR relating to a dispute regarding the borrower’s payment or verification of debt, MFA may not provide any adverse information regarding any overdue payment(s) owed by such borrower and relating to such period or qualified written request, to any consumer reporting agency.