Aug 25, 2020 2020-18

Important Notice for PowerLender & VirPack Administrators

PowerLender and VirPack credentials to be issued on August 27. Administrators are advised to review all user information.

PowerLender:  https://mfa.powerlender.com

If your company’s administrator completed and returned the PowerLender user setup form by the required deadline, you will receive your log-in credentials by August 27.  

The data provided by administrators will be imported directly into the new system by PowerLender and will appear exactly as it appears on the user setup form. Your username will be your business email address.

We have noticed that some setup forms contain errors, such as misspelled names and incorrect email addresses. Users for which an incorrect email address was provided will not receive an email containing their credentials.

Important notice to administrators:

Immediately upon receipt of your own PowerLender credentials, please log in and select “Manage Users” to review the data you provided and make all necessary corrections.

VirPack:   https://images.housingnm.org  

Most users with access to PowerLender will need access to VirPack. 

Users will self-register, using a “group token” provided by their company’s administrator. The administrator must “accept” the user before access is allowed. The group token associates the user with their lender’s group.

Users requiring assistance with system access should contact their company’s administrator directly. Administrator questions may be emailed to: singlefamily@housingnm.org

Thank you for your participation in MFA programs.