Oct 21, 2021 2021-12

New PowerLender Feature

Based on feedback from our lending partners, we are pleased to announce we have added a new feature in the PowerLender system. The feature gives lenders the option to have their processors copied when MFA sends a loan status notification e-mail. 

The choice must be made at the time of locking. Once the loan is locked, the option will not be available.

To use this feature, select the checkbox below the processor’s email address and ensure the processor’s name and email are entered in the text boxes.

Processor check box

If the checkbox is not selected, the processor will not receive the loan status notification emails.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing diligence in verifying the accuracy of all information prior to submitting a lock request.

Should you have questions please contact a member of the homeownership department at 505.843.6880.

Thank you for participating in MFA programs.