May 8, 2020 2020-12

Reminder: Borrower attestation must be obtained for all closings beginning May 11, 2020

As previously announced in Memo No. 2020-11 on April 30, MFA will require that lenders obtain attestation of continued employment from all borrowers.

Lenders are to use their own form. The borrower must attest that they are still employed and have not been notified of any pending layoff or reduction in hours or pay.  Individual borrowers are each required to sign an attestation on their own behalf.

Borrowers whose income is derived solely from Social Security or another non-employment related source, are not required to sign this form.

This requirement is effective for all closings taking place on or after May 11, 2020.

This form is required to be included with all files delivered to Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA), MFA’s contract service provider.

While it is not necessary for lenders to submit their form to MFA for prior approval, it is strongly recommended that lenders seek approval from their own compliance and/or legal advisors.

Thank you for participating in MFA’s program. Should you have any questions, please contact an MFA homeownership representative.