Jan 28, 2014 14-02

Single-Family Mortgage Program Federally Targeted Census Tracts

New Targeted Area Census Tracts

Effective with loans reserved January 6, 2014 or after the IRS has updated the qualified targeted areas based on the 2010 census.  A “qualified census tract” is a census tract in which 70 percent or more of the families have income that is 80 percent or less of the statewide median family income.

Targeted Area Census Tracts apply to all MFA Programs with the exception of HERO

Any borrower who purchases a property that is within a qualified census tract is:

  • Eligible to receive the lowest interest rate offered by MFA within a 12 month period from the date of application (lender must contact MFA Homeownership Department);
  • Eligible to receive higher income and acquisition cost limits (lender must contact MFA Homeownership Department);
  • Not required to be a first-time homebuyer

Targeted Area Household Income Limits:

County / Persons Per Household 1 or 2 3 or More
Bernalillo and Sandoval  County Census Tracts $75,480.00 $88,060.00
San Juan County Census Tracts $66,360.00 $77,420.00
All other County Census Tracts $65,040.00 $75,880.00

Targeted Area Acquisition Cost Limit:

All County Census Tracts: $298,155

Targeted Census Tracts:

Bernalillo County

Census Tract 6.04, Census Tract 9.01, Census Tract 9.03, Census Tract 15.00, Census Tract 20.00, Census Tract 47.35

Cibola County

Census Tract 9458

Curry County

Census Tract 1.00

Doña Ana County

Census Tract 4.01, Census Tract 6.00, Census Tract 10.00, Census Tract 17.06, Census Tract 17.07, Census Tract 18.05, Census Tract 18.06

Luna County

Census Tract 2.00

McKinley County

Census Tract 9405, Census Tract 9440, Census Tract 9453

Otero County

Census Tract 1.00

Sandoval County

Census Tract 9409

Santa Fe County

Census Tract 13.04, Census Tract 9800

Sierra County

Census Tract 9623

Socorro County

Census Tract 9400


Thank you for participating in MFA’s program.  Should you have any questions, please contact an MFA Homeownership Representative at 1(800) 444-6880 or (505) 843-6880