Jun 4, 2015 15-16

Training-Electronic File-Document Imaging Process

TO: Participating Lenders
FROM: Director of Homeownership
DATE: June 4, 2015
RE: Memo No. 15-16

  • New- Electronic File Submission (Document Imaging) Process
  • Mandatory Web Training June 10, 2015 and June 11, 2015 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am Mountain Time


MFA will be implementing an electronic (paperless) submission process for Compliance Files, Wire Requests and Second Mortgage Closed Loan Files.
Participating Lenders will be able to submit the electronic documentation through the online reservation system, which will provide a streamlined method for reviewing loan files as well as a secure method to transmit borrower information.

Beginning June 17, 2015, all new Compliance File submissions (as well as all follow up documentation for that file) will be transmitted to MFA via the online reservation system Document Imaging portal.

MFA will be conducting lender training on the new system, including:

  • The process for stacking and scanning documents/packages for submission to MFA
  • The process for uploading the documents/packages to MFA
  • Notifications and retrieving documents from the Document Imaging portal

Staff will also provide training/updates on a few program revisions.
All Participating Lenders will be required to attend at least one of the training sessions before they will be allowed to access the new system.

Registration is required via the MFA Lender Training link http://www.housingnm.org/lender-training no later than 5:00 PM Mountain Time on June 09, 2015. 
Below is the call in number and link for both of the webinars:
Conference Dial in (559) 546-1000
Participant Access Code 297334#
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Please feel free to contact MFA’s Homeownership Department with any questions or for further clarification.   
Thank you for participating in MFA’s single family program.