Sep 14, 2017 17-17

Uniform Closing Dataset Requirement

MFA would like to remind participating lenders that Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s joint Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirement will commence on September 25, 2017.

MFA also requests that participating lenders inform the appropriate staff within their organization of the upcoming changes. This will help eliminate loan purchase delays.

Idaho Housing & Finance Authority (IHFA) issued the following policy change to comply with the requirement.

Fannie Mae UCD Requirements

Effective for Note dates starting September 25, 2017

IHFA will require successful submission certificate from FNMA.  In additional to the successful submission certificate, IHFA will require either a copy of the XML OR evidence that the findings have been assigned to IHFA in the UCD portal.  Our servicer number is for FNMA is 22331 to establish the relationship in the UCD portal.

The embedded CD PDF is not required at this point.  This requirement has been postponed by FNMA/FHLMC until April 2018.  We will still want a signed CD with the loan package submission. This requirement is only for conventional loans. 

For additional information and resources, please refer to Fannie Mae’s website click here.

Please feel free to contact MFA’s Homeownership Department with any questions or for further clarification.   

Thank you for participating in MFA’s single-family program.