Oct 7, 2019 19-24

Updated Idaho Housing and Finance Association Mortgagee Clause

MFA received notification that Idaho Housing and Finance Association’s, Servicing Division HomeLoanServ, changed their mortgagee clause to the following. The HomeLoanServ mortgagee clause only effects the first mortgage loan documents.

P.O. Box 818007
Cleveland, Ohio 44181
Fax: 888-218-9257
E-mail: insdocs8263@oscis.com

Please note that the MFA mortgagee clause regarding the second mortgages has not changed.

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, ISAOA/ATIMA
344 4th Street SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Phone:  505-843-6880

MFA would like to thank you for your patience and for participating in our programs.

Please feel free to contact MFA’s Homeownership Department with any questions or for further clarification.   

Thank you for participating in MFA’s single-family program.