About the Coalition

New Mexico Tribal Homeownership Coalition

At nine percent, New Mexico has the second highest percentage of Native Americans among the states in the U.S.  Tribal lands cover a large portion of the state and include 19 Pueblo nations, two Apache nations and the western portion of the Navajo Nation. Affordable housing challenges on tribal lands are prevalent and distinct. Tribal communities contain a variety of housing types, from HUD housing to aging traditional homes built from native materials and techniques. However, many homes suffer from deteriorating infrastructure or lack basic infrastructure such as plumbing. More than often tribal members and tribal governments do not have access to financing for new developments, rehabilitation, and mortgages. Which presents a unique situation that required a unique approach to meet the housing demand.

Our work is primarily as a convener of individuals dedicated to advancing homeownership on tribal trust lands. We organize quarterly meetings, a site visit, webinars, training, and informal project resource reviews.

The New Mexico Tribal Housing Coalition (the “Coalition”) has grown to include more than 400 participants throughout New Mexico and the U.S. who, in addition to addressing housing issues, have the expertise to take on other tribal housing-related topics including economic development, sustainability, infrastructure and health. The Coalition has become a national leader for all tribal housing-related development. The Coalition meets several times each year, typically in different tribal communities to discuss issues and successes and provide resources and technical assistance.

Through the Coalition’s efforts, 20 of New Mexico’s 22 tribes have adopted mortgage codes with HUD, facilitating mortgages for thousands of Native American households on tribal lands. A less tangible result of the Coalition’s impact is the increased sophistication of tribes that have been active in the Coalition, many of which have developed their own products and programs to support tribal housing.

The Coalition meets quarterly to focus exclusively on matters related to homeownership on tribal trust lands. The sessions are intended to inform, educate, advocate and collaborate on issues that have historically hindered equitable access to capital and homeownership on tribal trust lands. Go to the calendar to learn more.

Tribal Homeownership Staff & Advisory Board

  • Sharlynn Rosales​, MFA Programs Specialist
  • Sheila Herrera, Executive Director, Tiwa Lending Services
  • Dave Castillo, CEO, Native Community Capital
  • Dustin Baird, Native American Housing Program Officer, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Susan Anderson, Senior Director, Rural and Native American Programs, Enterprise Community Partners

MFA, Tiwa Lending Services, Native Community Capital & Enterprise