2021 Initiatives

Mortgage Lending on Tribal Trust Lands

One of the most persistent challenges for homeownership projects on tribal trust lands involved the restricted nature of Indian reservations. Whereas off-reservation land is held in fee-simple status and can be regularly bought and sold, tribal lands restricts this practice. Although precedent is in place for leasehold mortgages that protect both the tribe and investor, information on the nuts and bolts associated with establishing or maintaining the administrative infrastructure for such transactions is frequently requested.

Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education

Due to historic and on-going challenges, income and credit profiles of households living on tribal lands are often distressed. Therefore, to help prepare for homeownership, tribes, non-profit organizations and others have developed culturally relevant training and education necessary to promote success for what is often a family’s largest purchase of their lifetime – a home.

Affordable Housing Development Financing

Affordable housing development is an intensive process that combines community planning; needs assessment; financial feasibility analysis; legal issues specific to development on native lands; construction management; as well as occupancy and operations.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Titles and Records Process

All land records and titles are held by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Titles and Records Office (LTRO). Their mission is to maintain timely and certified Federal land title ownership and encumbrance services, to record, maintain, and certify land title documents, to provide certified Title Status Reports (TSRs) that are accurate, timely, accountable and efficient, and state the complete status of title ownership and encumbrances for Federal Indian Trust and restricted land. Obtaining land title ownership required and can be a timely and meticulous process.