Upcoming Events Calendar

September – Affordable Housing Development Financing

Session Level: Intermediate

The Affordable Housing Development Financing cannot offer a thorough overview and instead invites individuals with expertise in affordable housing development to review an aspect of their most recent project. In addition, partners and allies are invited to provide information on accessing and implementing federal funding sources to develop affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households including HUD programs such as IHBG, ICDBG, 184 and Title VI Loan Guarantee programs, as well as working with other partners including the USDA, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program and conventional lenders.

December – Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Titles and Records Process

Session Level: Intermediate

Experienced housing directors, staff and BIA staff will provide a brief overview of the process and touch on some areas in the process that are common issues. In addition, period updates to staff and changes in process will be provided including additional resources.

March – Mortgage Lending on Tribal Trust Lands

Session Level: Introductory

The Mortgage Lending on Tribal Trust Lands session requires no prior knowledge and is intended for elected tribal leaders, tribal housing professionals, as well as private- and public-sector officials who wish to learn or contribute to the dialog on opportunities and challenges associated with mortgage lending on tribal trust lands.

June – Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education

Session Level: Intermediate

The Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education session brings together experts in financial literacy and homeownership to convey best practices intended for practitioners who work directly with families who are working towards qualifying for homeownership opportunities.